Product Liability

As consumers, we expect a certain level of safety when we use products or machinery. When you buy tires for your car, you expect that they will be safe and not cause any harm to yourself or others. When you use trade or professional equipment, you expect to be safe while using it. Unfortunately,  when manufacturers have bypassed safety checks, testing, or other forms of negligence, the consequences can be very serious. 

What is product liability and who can file?

Product liability law governs the development of products and defective products that cause serious injury or death. 

You can file a product liability claim if you are the individual consumer, an end-user (e.g. medical professional, manual worker, etc) or if you were an innocent bystander who happened to come in contact with the defective product.

Have you been hurt by a product?

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Who is responsible for my product-related injury?

Knowing who is responsible for your injury is key before you can file a claim to get compensation for your loss. Potential entities of individuals at fault for your accident include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesales
  • Retailers
  • Merchants

Determining the liable party can be difficult, especially if more than one party is responsible. As an experienced product liability attorney, I can help you determine who is at fault for your injury and craft a smart legal strategy for your case.

How to approach the liable party.

Many high-end retailers and big-box wholesalers will have an army of lawyers to defend them against any claim of negligence. To effectively combat this, we will need to establish: 

  • The container the product came is was sealed and unopened
  • No alterations were made to the product
  • The product was being used as intended
  • That there was no warning of possible harm
  • That there is a safe version of the product 
  • That the risk of your injury was not blatantly obvious

You deserve the security of knowing the products you purchase or use won’t harm you when used correctly. When a faulty product causes harm, you have the right to seek justice for your injury through compensation that can cover your medical bills and losses. 

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Has a product you expected to be safe caused you physical harm? Manufacturers and, to a limited extent, merchants, have a duty to their consumers to adhere to safety regulations and do no harm. With my knowledge and expertise, I can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Call me today!